Leveraging flask and heroku to share your interactive maps with the world

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

This is the second part of the series, aimed at sharing the steps to go through to get your interactive map hosted on the web or deployed as a web application. If you’re just here for the code, here you go. This article is broken down into six sections:

Files needed and file structure
Deploying Using Github
Deploying Using Heroku CLI
Final thoughts

You can’t just have your interactive map lying on your computer. For others to use and benefit from it, it would have to be on the web. …

Convert city names into point locations with Nominatim geocoder and make visualizations with Folium

Photo by T.H. Chia on Unsplash

This is a two-part series about visualizing cities and sharing your results with others. For the ‘just show me the code’ guys, this is the link. Here’s the order of topics to be covered:

What you’ll need to reproduce the code
The code
Plotting with Geopandas
Plotting with Folium
Doing more with Folium
Answer to question asked

Take this article as a simple introduction to geocoding and plotting with geopy and folium respectively. There are lots of other ways you can do geocoding apart from geopy. There are…

How to automate tweet deletion with python.

This article assumes you already have some fundamental python programming knowledge.

If you have a couple of thousand tweets on your twitter account and you’re trying to delete some from years ago, without signing up for a tweet deleter software and without sharing your twitter information with anyone else, this post is for you. It’s going to be a long one, but once you follow along you’ll be fine. You might want to delete your tweets for a couple of reasons. It could be because your old tweets are embarrassing or you want to let go of ignorant opinions from…

Enjoying the series so far. For the calculation of the normalized difference index, when reproducing your code, my first img dict had keys B4, B3 and B2. My second img dict had keys B3, B5 and B7. I am not able to calculate the ndvi because the second img dict has no key 'B4'. Is there something I am missing?

A screenshot of the participants on the last day of the webinar.

The New Future for Girls Leadership Camp(NFGLC) is a program organized by JA Ghana in collaboration with Newmont Ghana which seeks to empower young ladies between the ages of 15 to 25 to broaden their options for their professional futures. The program focuses on ladies in STEM and in the mining industry.

I am grateful to the organizers of the event for being chosen to be a part of this year’s two-day NFGL Camp,which was held online, because of the Corona Virus pandemic, on the 21st and 22nd days of October, 2020. Eminent panelists from the mining industry imparted knowledge…

Alberta Odamea Anim-Ayeko

Geomatic engineer and hobbyist programmer :)

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