A screenshot of the participants on the last day of the webinar.

The New Future for Girls Leadership Camp(NFGLC) is a program organized by JA Ghana in collaboration with Newmont Ghana which seeks to empower young ladies between the ages of 15 to 25 to broaden their options for their professional futures. The program focuses on ladies in STEM and in the mining industry.

I am grateful to the organizers of the event for being chosen to be a part of this year’s two-day NFGL Camp,which was held online, because of the Corona Virus pandemic, on the 21st and 22nd days of October, 2020. Eminent panelists from the mining industry imparted knowledge to the participants. It was insightful right from the first values moment on the first day to the closing remarks, the next day. This short post will be about my key takeaways from the event, with the title of the sessions in bracket.

1. Take bold steps in life wherever you find yourself. (First values moment)

2. Self awareness, self regulation, social awareness and relationship management constitute emotional intelligence. (Leadership/Emotional Intelligence)
3. We are not born leaders. Leaders are developed. (Leadership/Emotional Intelligence)
4. Be willing to listen to feedback. (Leadership/Emotional Intelligence)
5. Leadership is not domain specific and it is a journey. (Leadership/Emotional Intelligence)
6. Show up everyday. Do not dwell on the negative things people say about you at your workplace. (Leadership/Emotional Intelligence)
7. Be a life long learner. (Leadership/Emotional Intelligence)

8. Love your flaws. (Self Confidence and Success in life)
9. Appreciate your journey. You may not know how it will turn out but keep taking those little steps forward. (Self Confidence and Success in life)

10. If you cannot defend it, do not put it up on social media. (Smart presence on social media)

11. Do not change who you are to fit in. Take things one day at a time. (Second values moment)

12. Highlight your skills, qualifications and best qualities on your CV. (How to prepare for the world of work)
13. When going for an interview, do some research about the institution. (How to prepare for the world of work)
14. Celebrate your small victories. (How to prepare for the world of work)

15. Do not limit yourself, but rather explore your options and try new things. (Question time)

I hope you are encouraged by this post to go on and win in your endeavors :)

Geomatic engineer and hobbyist programmer :)

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